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  • Fire Monitor

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    Factories/Manufacturing Units, Warehouses,?Shopping Malls,?Airports, Train Stations, Universities, Hotels, Hospitals, Coal Mines/Plants, Museums, Stadium, Exhibition Halls, Logistics Warehouse and other large spaces.
    • ZDMS0.6/5S Intelligent Fire Water Monitor For WANDA Group

      The project covers an area of 46.73 acres, a construction area of 105,000 square meters. JunXunPu designed and provided 16 sets of ZDMS0.6/5S intelligent fire water monitor......

      Beijing Aviation Administration Warehouse Installation Project

      The project occupies a total area of 160,000 square meters, a total construction area of 66,000 square meters, and a long-term plan of 130,000 square meters. JunXunPu......

      PSKD30 Remote Control Fire Water Monitor for Coal Plant Project

      The coal plant is a fully enclosed coal yard with a height of more than 20 meters. 9 sets of PSKD30 remote control fire water cannons are installed......

      JunXunPu Explosion Proof Fire Water Monitor for Coal Plant Warehouse

      Tang’an Coal Mine has installed 13 sets of PSKD30EX Explosion Proof Fire Monitors, adopting a control method of one control panel controls one fire monitor......

      JunXunPu Service BYD Production Workshop Project

      We serve Taiyuan BYD New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. The first phase of the plant has a construction area of 60,000+ square meters, and the No. 1 workshop installed......

      Smart Fire Monitor Installed in Logistics Park Warehouse

      The project occupies an area of 933 acres and has an annual operating capacity of 5 million tons after completion, of which the annual container throughput is 150,000 TEUs


    Remote Control Fire Water Monitor
    Remote Control Fire Water Monitor
    Remote control fire water monitor is a new type of point-touch electric control fire monitor with large flow, long range, simple operation, convenient and flexible......
    Explosion Proof Remote Control Fire Water Monitor
    Explosion Proof Remote Control Fire Water Monitor
    Explosion proof remote control fire water monitor system is mainly composed of a control system......
    Smart Fire Water Monitor
    Smart Fire Water Monitor
    Smart fire water monitor is a kind of fire fighting equipment that organically combines infrared sensing technology, signal processing technology......
    Foam Fire Water Cannon
    Foam Fire Water Cannon
    Foam fire water cannon has remote control (distance up to 150m), electric control, manual control, and can be cross-operated. Foam fire water cannon is not......
    Mobile / Potable Fire Water and Foam Cannon
    Mobile / Potable Fire Water and Foam Cannon
    Mobile water and foam dual-purpose cannon, can be equipped with foam tube. Portable water and......
    Manual Fire Water Monitor
    Manual Fire Water Monitor
    This fire monitors are important fire fighting equipment for long distance fire fighting. Fire water monitors are fire fighting equipment that......
    Aspiration Smoke Detector
    Aspiration Smoke Detector
    The very early aspirating smoke detectors (also known as the very early air samplers) are mainly composed of two parts: a sampling pipe network and......
    Infrared Flame Detector
    Infrared Flame Detector
    JunXunPu brand infrared flame detector is also known as smart point infrared flame detector. It is a fire detector used to respond to the light characteristics of......
    Image Fire Detector
    Image Fire Detector
    JunXunPu brand image fire detector adopts dual-lens video image acquisition, analysis, processing, and detection technology. At the same time......

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    Welcome to JunXunPu

    14 years of customized solutions for R & D and manufacturing of fire water monitors.

    JunXunPu CO., LTD. is a manufacturer focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of automatic fire water monitors, intelligent fire water monitors, explosion-proof fire water monitors, electric control fire water monitors, and large space fire water monitors. JunXunPu has been focusing on the fire protection industry and is committed to manufacturing reliable fire protection products to serve users.

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