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  • Fire Monitor

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    TEL: +86 18339816911(WhatsApp)

    E-mail: Market@junxunpu.net

    JunXunPu Fire Water Monitor

    Driven Thousands of Miles to Deliver to Nanchang, JunXunPu Fire Water Monitor Manufacturer is Praised by Customers

    In August 2018, a customer in Nanchang ordered 6 30L military patrol smart fire water monitors. After signing the contract, we shipped them on time. But who knows when the customer picks up the goods, they found that the outer packaging box of the smart fire water monitor was broken and the product was damaged. Unknown.

    At that time, the customer was very frustrated after seeing this situation, because the smart fire water monitor was to be delivered to the construction site in accordance with the contract the next day. Once the time was missed, the customer would face a huge liquidated damages. When the customer told us this matter, we made a decisive decision and immediately arranged personnel to deliver the goods to the customer, so that the customer must not suffer any loss.

    The arranged delivery personnel also drove to the customer's location in Nanchang overnight, about 1,100 kilometers from Zhengzhou to Nanchang, and delivered the smart fire water cannon to the customer safely by 7 o'clock the next morning. The customer was shocked, gave a thumbs up, and said: It’s been hard work, brother. Like for you, like for the army tour shop. "After that, I sent a message to Moments to thank our manufacturers and delivery personnel again.

    JunXunPu Manufacturer’s Technicians Guided The Debugging All Night, And The Customers Were Moved And Praised

    January 20, 2021, for the technicians of military patrol shop manufacturers, it is ordinary and sleepless. In the afternoon, the technician received a call from the customer to inquire about the debugging of the fire water monitor.

    Since it is the first time for the customer to install the water monitor, he first consulted the wiring problem, and then how to solve the installation error. Finally, the fire monitor was successfully debugged, and the technicians all patiently guided and answered the questions. The whole conversation process started from 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Intermittently continued until more than 5 o'clock in the morning the next day.

    At 7 in the morning, the customer called again and said, "Thank you very much for your hard work this night. I don’t know if other companies can do like your military patrol shop, but the guidance this time will make me remember deeply; I will contact the general manager of your company for the matter, thank him for cultivating such excellent employees."

    There Is A Problem With The Delivery Logistics, JunXunPu Is Anxious To The Customer's Urgency, And Re-Send SF Express To Door-To-Door

    At the end of January 2021, the Beijing customer ordered a batch of fire-fighting water monitors. After placing the order on the same day, we followed the inspection process to confirm that all links were correct, and sent the fire water monitor to the customer's designated receiving location through Debon Logistics.

    What happened next was like sleepwalking. Three days later, the water cannon arrived in Beijing, and then went around in several jurisdictions for transshipment. As of February 4, it was still not delivered to the customer. Customers are very anxious and contact us again and again. And we are also in full and uninterrupted contact with the logistics party, always get evasive answers, and the delivery problem has never been solved.

    From the customer's standpoint, we must not let the customer suffer any loss, so we immediately decided to use SF Express to deliver the goods to the customer again, and we must let the customer receive the goods as soon as possible. Although the freight value of re-delivery was high, the fire water cannon was finally delivered to the customer in a timely manner, and the customer's interests were not harmed.


    At the China (Nan'an) National Plumbing Pump Valve Fair in 2010, a distributor who had cooperated for three years said: "There has been no quality problem in the past three years, so I must cooperate with a company like you."

    Italian customers, since the start of cooperation at the Canton Fair in 2009, the cooperation has continued.

    An agent in Chengdu, Sichuan, got our contact information from a competitor and made a special trip to talk to us about the contract, because in the severe natural disaster that year, only our products were operating stably.

    Get A Quotation

    We will provide you with a free design plan. A detailed quotation and free drawing design or deep optimization services.

    JunXunPu Fire Water Monitor
    Fire monitor,Fire cannon
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